Hi, I’m Beth Horton. A collector and dealer of 18th Century English porcelain, a love of mine sparked by my Mother and Grandfather. My website is dedicated to them both, in loving memory of their lives and their porcelain collections. Welcome to my new website, those who I have met will know how passionate I am about English porcelain especially Lowestoft. I would like to thank my clients/Friends for their continued support.

I deal with mostly antique Worcester, Caughley, Liverpool, Lowestoft and Bow porcelain but other 18th Century factories will be available when I can get hold of them. Whether you have just discovered your love for early English porcelain or have been an avid collector for years, I know you will find something available here to entice you!

I have a variety of different items to suit any budget and collection, I am not worried about condition, and will buy, sell and love injured items just as much as perfect examples. I love to talk to interested people. I am always happy to help collectors learn, and also to learn myself. If I have made any mistakes please do let me know, I am still very much learning and don’t think I will ever know everything, although I will try.

Please take a look at the items I have available currently, I’m sure you will find something of interest. You can also find me on Ebay as English Porcelain Online, although due to increasing fees I tend not to sell much there anymore.

My aim is to provide like minded collectors of English porcelain with quality pieces to add to their collections and to share my love and knowledge with them, so get in touch with me any time to discuss my items or yours.

Thank you

Beth xx