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Vanzoi Lin

I’m Vanzoï Lin. Poet, conchologist in scallops (Pectinidae), freelanced artist and teacher of porcelain painting, antique porcelain collector and independent ceramic researcher. I was born in Taiwan in 1985. My first contact with porcelain was probably when I was in my third year of senior high school. I started to collect affordable cheap 19th and 20th century English tableware like Coalport and Royal Crown Derby. But as age and knowledge grew, gradually I turned my attention to the earlier 18th century English porcelain as well as 18th century European porcelain and Chinese Export porcelain.

“Keep learning from antique.“ is the motto I always believe and tell my porcelain painting students. 

Driven by curiosity, my research focuses on Chinoiserie and the cultural exchange between Oriental and Western ceramics history in the 18th century. Therefore, my collection mainly consists of 18th century English Mandarin pattern porcelains(like Worcester, Lowestoft and Longton Hall) and comparative prototype-Chinese Export porcelains(especially Guancai(Canton Rose) and Famille Rose).

And of course, I am profoundly fascinated by European porcelain too. I like to hunt for porcelains that are very mysterious, unique and the ones from small-scale factories like Cozzi and Oude Loosdrecht.  

Whenever holding a piece of porcelain, I am deeply moved by its craftsmanship, glaze, shape, decoration and the historical value it carries.

Porcelain is like life. Porcelain must withstand high temperature and go through kiln firing to be white and attractive. Likewise, life must go through pain and ordeal to be mature and persistent. Porcelain is hard but also fragile, just like a human body. But their spiritualties are both eternal.

I cerate, paint, gild, teach, lecture, collect, research and even dream of porcelain with great enthusiasm in the past 15 years.


“Keep learning from antique.“ is the motto I always believe and tell my porcelain painting students.  

Now to release my collection is not the end, instead it’s a new beginning.

P.S. Finally, I highly appreciated for Bethany Horton and Simon Muddimer, Without their helps this collection won’t have been presented to you.

IPAT Certified Artist/Teacher, ECC/FPS Member and Independent Ceramic Researcher

Vanzoï Lin