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Very Rare Union Jack House Pattern Coffee Cup c1751-53


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A Very rare 1st period Worcester porcelain coffee cup, hand painted with the Union Jack house pattern c1751-53.

The cup measures 8cm in diameter including the handle and stands 6.6cm tall.

Excellent condition.

Marked with 7 dots in a line to the base.

A cup of the same pattern in the British Museum is apparently inscribed on the base ‘TB 1753’. See Aileen Dawson, The Art of Worcester Porcelain (2007), p.40. A very similar cup from the Watney Collection was sold by Bonhams on 10 May 2000, lot 557 and is illustrated by Branyan, French and Sandon (I.B.1) and Ray Jones, The Origins of Worcester Porcelain (2018), p.435, ii-uj where the author suggests that inscription on the British Museum cup is not a date but two adjacent inscriptions by different hands relating to trial firings. If true, this may mean that the cup is of a slightly earlier date in line with its charming but naive style of decoration. The same pattern is found on three Lund’s Bristol cups illustrated by Howard at pp.410-411.