Very Rare Precious Object Pattern Octagonal Coffee Cup c1753

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A very rare 18th century Worcester porcelain octagonal coffee cup with simple scroll handle and curled thumbrest, painted with alternating panels of flowering plants and precious objects. This cup also includes a double line outer border to the rim with an inner hatched border, both in iron red colouring typical of this early period.
Several examples of this cup have appeared in a black line printed and hand coloured versions but these are of a slightly later date c.1754/55. The “red bull” printed pattern and a colourful printed “finch like bird“ are also known but these are extremely rare and again slightly later in date.

The cup measures 9cm in diameter including the handle and stands 5.4cm tall.

This cup is for the lovers of rare over perfect, as perfect it is not. There are 7 staples to the cup, and 6 filled holes (four missing staples). There is a large fill to the rim, and to a small triangular section inside the cup ( this doesn’t show on the outside).