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Very Rare Lady and Parasol Pattern Plate c1765-68


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An 18th century Lowestoft porcelain plate, hand painted in underglaze blue with a Lady and Parasol pattern c1765-68. This pattern was used until c1770 but tends to be a lighter blue on later examples.

The plate measures 22.8cm in diameter.

It is in excellent condition without cracks or restoration. There are stilt marks to the reverse from manufacture and a tiny chip to the reverse (6 O’clock)


Plates are rare in Lowestoft porcelain. An example can be found in Lowestoft porcelain in the Norwich Castle Museum by Sheenah Smith plate 258. A badly cracked example was sold at Bonhams in 2007, part of the Susi and Ian Sutherland collection for £780 including premium. Later being sold sold at Reeman Dansie in August 2020 for £719.20 inc Premium.

Lowestoft Plate at Reeman Dansie Auctioneers

Lowestoft Plate at Bonhams Auctioneers