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Seth Pennington Floral Print Teabowl and Saucer c1785


A Liverpool teabowl and saucer from the factory of Seth Pennington printed in underglaze blue showing a floral spray and two sprigs within a very elaborate fish roe, cell and and flower head border.

See Goss P.168 no.315 for a saucer with identical pattern.

This range of prints are sometimes referred to as “The Kirk Prints” because they occur on a mug inscribed R & E Kirk 1786.

The saucer measures 12.2 cm in diameter and the teabowl stands 4.9 cm tall and 8.5 cm across.

Condition is good with just two fine 2.5cm hairlines to the rim of the tea bowl. The saucer has a rim chip and associated hairline with a further hairline of similar length.