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Rare Liverpool Porcelain Sadler Red Printed Teabowl and Saucer c1760-65


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A rare 18th century Liverpool porcelain teabowl and saucer finely printed in red enamel with the Rock Garden pattern c1760-65.

This pattern occasionally appears on Worcester porcelain but it is more often seen on the wares of the Liverpool factories of Richard Chaffers and Philip Christian. This example is probably late Chaffers or possibly early Christian. It is often difficult to differentiate between the two. The print itself was probably produced by John Sadler who is known to have purchased wares “in the white” from both factories.
See HILLIS Chapter 14 for a discussion on Liverpool Enamel Printed decoration.

Diameter of the saucer is 12.5 cm and the tea bowl measures 7.7 cm across and stands 4.6 cm tall.

Display condition is good, the saucer having a tiny chip and short associated hairline and the teabowl having two filled rim chips one with a very short hairline 0.5 cm