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Tulip Painter Floral Pattern Teapot and Cover c1780


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A large Lowestoft porcelain teapot hand painted in bright polychrome enamels c1780

This style of decoration is usually attributed to the so-called “Tulip Painter”. Whilst the painting does not include the full blown tulip associated with this painter, the floral motifs and colour palette seen on this teapot are identical in style to those usually found on Tulip pieces thus making the attribution fairly conclusive.

The teapot stands 15.5cm tall and measures 22cm across including handle.


Condition – Whilst the teapot is intact it has obviously suffered over its 250 year old lifetime. There are many body cracks probably caused by boiling water (only Worcester of the early English porcelain factories managed to solve the problem of the effect of boiling water by their discovery of Cornish china clay which was found to be resistant to the effects of hot liquid.) The spout has been replaced many years ago with a quite attractive metal one. Further chips and hairlines can be seen quite clearly.

Some past owner obviously cherished this teapot sufficiently to go to the trouble of keeping it in one piece. A battered but rare piece of porcelain.