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Dark Landscape Pattern Coffee Pot and Cover c1785-95


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An 18th century Lowestoft porcelain coffee pot and cover, transfer printed with a pattern I call the Dark Landscape c1785-95.

The coffee pot measures 18cm in diameter including the spout and handle, and stands 28cm tall with the cover in place.

It is in excellent display condition, especially with the handle to the right. There are two restored chips to the rim of the cover, and a flat chip to the underside. There are also small chips to the covers rim, the largest being 5mm. The body of the pot has cracks, but these are mostly hidden by the pattern. There is some glaze crazing to the inside, and kiln dirt to the outside. A manufacturing flaw to the body right of the handle, probably cahsed by it touching something in the kiln.


This pattern can be found on page 212 of British blue and white porcelain saucers, by Steven Goss. He writes that other factories produced this pattern, but on Lowestoft the window frame of the Pagodas are white.