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Caughley and Coalport Reference Collection c1782-1805


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A small reference collection of five Caughley coffee cups and a John Rose Coalport teacup c1782-1805.

Top Left: Transfer printed with the uncommon Fenced Garden pattern c1782. This cup has a hairline crack. S+ mark.

Top Right: Hand painted with the Cornflower sprigs pattern c1785-90. This cup is also cracked. Unmarked.

Middle Left: Fluted and painted in blue c1795. Good condition. Crescent mark, brown transluncy.

Middle Right: Transfer Printed with the Pagoda pattern c1785-90. Good condition. S Mark.

Bottom Left: Printed with the Pagoda pattern. Good condition. S+ Mark.

Bottom Right: Printed with the Banana Tree pattern c1800-05. Good condition. Unmarked.