Our Team

A short introduction to our team members and why their backgrounds.

Beth Horton (Chief Pot Nut)

Hi, I’m Beth Horton. I have been an avid collector and dealer of 18th Century English porcelain for 12 years so far, a love of mine sparked by my Mother and Grandfather.

Simon Muddimer (Techy Bloke)

Hi I'm Simon Muddimer... I design an build websites... just like the one your on now. I had an accident August 2019 at work where I used to drive Class 1 HGV lorries and loved every minute of it, but August 2019 changed my life so dramatically, I was 50 years old and have been left with an acute spinal cord injury... I have 2 vertibrae compressing my spinal cord in my neck, hence the reason for the dramatic career change, I can no longer drive anything, but you have to adapt to your individual circumstances, so I'm re-training myself to design and build websites for a living rather than dwelling on the injury or the accident, I am now registered disabled, but I'd rather control my own destiny than fall into a pit of depression over something I have no control over, you have to adapt or fall...

Our Services

English Porcelain Online

English Porcelain Online is the online home of 18th Century English Porcelain

Pick-up Pack & Post

We regularly buy from auction houses all over the country, if you are buying from the same auctions then if you give us some notice we'll pick it up, pack it and post it to you for a small fee.

The Antiques Network

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